Infrasound 2018

Greetings to all

It has been over a week since the conclusion of Infrasound Festival and wanted to get around to talking about it a bit here and share some pictures!

It all started off by flying in to the Minneapolis airport and having to wait around 8 hours to link up with the strangers that would be friends;Lou,Brandon,Austin, & Kase. Didn't intend on having to rent a car and drive this time around, but as it has gone many times in the past, that is just how it went down. We hopped in the rental car, drove 3 hours to Wal-Mart to stock on some essentials and then hit the road again for an hour to then arrive in Highbridge,Wisconsin ! The festival check in process was different than others I have been to. You park your car in a grassy field, pack your stuff on to a U-Haul, load on to a school bus and then drive about 2 miles to the festival grounds. Sounds like a lot, but it was extremely smooth, organized and well put together. A great way to not have cars on the festival grounds.

Got to the grounds where we unloaded the U-Haul and gathered our things. Being alone without really knowing anyone left this part of the festival with a feeling of uncertainty. Had to go camp with people that were not known to me, but knew it would be all good, which it was. Ended up stringing my hammock up in this old, almost burnt down, almost enclosed structure that provided enough protection from the rain "once i readjusted it after getting dripped on for a few minutes that night." Had my clothes and other things left in the tent with Lou so I had a space spot for that, my camera was kept with me at all times. Camp. Check

The grounds of Infrasound were well put together and laid out nicely. It was about a 11 minute walk from the main stage to the tree house stage, with one stage about half way in the middle, all along single main path. Made it very easy to navigate and hard to get lost. Did not get a chance to explore the full camping areas as we were camped almost right where we got dropped off, however I can see how they would be expansive and nestled between the trees in the wilderness off of the main path.

The biggest standout from the festival is not the grounds, art, or the food, it is the sound. Featuring Funktion 1's at their stages provides a supreme sound experience far superior than most out there today. It is hard to explain this in detail, it is something that must be experienced for yourself!

It did rain for the majority of the festival and there wan't one clear night for the full night, however that didn't stop this from being one of the best festivals put on today. The crowd, or family it attracts, are one of the best out there and nothing but good vibes being put out all around. For the msot part everyone was safe and conscious of choices, no negativity throughout. Music was on point and even though it was raining, this festival was well prepared for that.