Desolation in the Dunes

August 21, 2018

Standing alone among great dunes of sand,staring up to the infinite lights,struggled thoughts & feelings are released

Standing Among Infinity 

Night before last the decision was made to take a spontaneous trip down to Great Sand Dunes National Park for some tranquility to clear thoughts & shake the weird stagnant feeling that seemed to have overcome me. Plan was to snap some night shots, camp out on the dunes, awake for sunrise to then capture that. Got to the dunes all good & by the time the sun went down there was not a soul left out there. Told myself that I would be a little cold, but nothing that hasn't been endured before. With that thought I decided to leave my blanket in the truck to not carry the weight. An hour after the sun sets I gather my gear & make the trek out on the dunes. 


Start hiking to the high dune and it's strenuous having to hike in that. Every step you sink a few inches down and back, forward progress had to be earned. At one point for 15 minutes I was literally on my hands and knees, using my tripod to dig in the sand, to get up this one dune because you just couldn't walk up something of that angle without a sandvalanche coming down on your legs. 

Captured some great shots. Yelled.Gazed.Yelled some more. Watches shooting stars go by. Danced in the sand. Acted a fool being the only one out there on all that sand. The time came for bed and it was a bit colder than I had anticipated. No tent, blanket, just going to sleep, on the sand with my camera bag and thin scarf to cover my face. With only a long sleeve shirt, hoodie, & pants on, the top layer of sand was cold when ya had to lay on it. I dug out a little cove about 6 inches deep, revealing the very warm sand below. Dug out my cove & it proved to be warm enough. The sand below insulted me well enough and provided warmth to the point where I was 99% asleep. Was off to meet the sand man until then on the brink of unconsciousness I hear a pack of coyotes start yipping away. Nothing haven't heard before, but these yips were only about a football field away. That got me right up out of my cozy cove and headed to the truck. Saw couple sets of glowing eyes about 30 feet from me, right on the path I needed to go through to get to the parking lot. I walked for 10 minutes in the opposite direction, stopping to pee halfway. On the way back to the lot, hoping the coyotes were gone, I saw tracks that followed mine up to where i pee. Was pretty cool but also a bit nerve-wracking. This ensured my choice on heading back to the truck. Passed out and woke up to The blazing hot sun that I missed. The end.

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