Mountainous Beach

9 Photo Panorama - Sand Beach Lake

Love my Monday's. Chances are you have heard or saw someone complain how they dislike Monday the most of the 7 days of the week. Suppose when most work the standard Monday through Friday work week, it's understandable, how my Mondays are great. Mondays are my humpday, I get off at 2pm and have a whole 23 hours until I have to be back at work for 1pm on tuesday. That being said, there is plenty of time for activities once off of work on Monday, laziness pending. This time I wouldn't it overcome me and decided to head out on a hike to Sand Beach Lake with a coworker, Jayden. Sand Beach Lake is about a 9.5 mile round trip hike through the Rocky Mountains starting in Allenspark,Colorado, just south of Estes Park. The trail head and parking lot is located just shy of the entrance station, sparring you the entrance fee. You begin the hike and head right towards the middle of the Rockies. The trail is well maintained and very easy to follow, leaving little chance for one to get lost. Trail is also a gradual incline to the lake, making it a good hike for many people. Flowers weren't in bloom yet, but can see how they would line the trail and make this hike even more beautiful in the middle of July.

After a couple river crossings and a mile or so of walking on packed snow, you arrive at the sandy beach lake through the trees, with expansive views of the mountains all around. The lake is quite large for being up there that far out and makes for a great destination in the warmer temperatures. Pretty much the closest we all can get to for a beach in Colorado.

Jayden and I took off our bags and walked around the lake, took some photos, indulged in the views and then head out before it was getting too late. The last 3 miles of the hike was in the dark, but we were prepared with lights and I actually prefer hiking at night, brings another element to the expirience. We reached the car almost exactly 5 hours after the start, with Jayden's Fitbit reading just shy of 10 miles.

Overall this hike is one that you need to go on one day, and one of my favorite mountain lake hikes I've done this far! Truly a gem. Thanks for reading and checking out my space, head on over to my shop if you'd like to support my life and travels :-)