Mile High Meltdown

Greetings world.

Lateish night, editing photographs, figured to write a bit on here and share a bit.

...25 minutes later and I am back to this after finishing up editing the rest of the photographs from shooting last nights show at the Aggie Theater in Fort Collins. Was my pleasure to come shoot for Chris "Godlazer" along with his homies who also performed, all under the Mile High Sound Movement record label. The story on how I know Chris and our crossing paths is a wild and a simply a combination of serendipity, and synchronicity.. Having said that the encounter would be talked about, I will finally share just how that went down...

Two years ago when in Hawaii, I think there may be a blog post talking about it, there was a full moon-earth day beach party. Went with a couple friends and one of them kept saying how there was a DJ playing who was from Boulder.. I never saw the person playing that night, only heard the music playing... Fast forward to a little over a month ago, I head over to Terrapin Station in Boulder to re-up on the cannabis. Started making conversation with the budtender helping me and somehow started talking about Hawaii, Come to find out, as you may have guessed by now, the budtender "Chris" was also the same person playing on the full moon beach party that time in Hawaii. Connection made and now I have shot a couple shows of his so far, with more to do in the future! Really enjoy getting out there to help the homies and in turn get to have a great time a meet new people, the right people..

It is always a pleasure to see some live music and was nice to catch some people I have yet to see. Godlazer was great for the second time I've seen him. Can just tell that he loves what he does and his whole set is free-styled, even when he picks up the microphone. Enjoy watching him play and am blessed to have made this connection, this friend in life.

Kruza Kid hit the decks after Godlazer which would be my first time seeing him, although I have been following him on Instagram for a while somewhat unknowingly . Was really impressed by the performance and music, left that set somewhat inspired by how he does what he does. He made beats live on the spot, free-styled over them, added live vocal effects, and much more that would make you stomp your feet a little bit harder. His energy and dedication for his art is apparent and was a fun set to watch. A great performer, I can see him rising up the list quick, especially due to his involvement with the whole Mile High Sound Movement team.

Was having a blast during Project Aspect's set, brought me back to the 90'2 era. Mixing in older songs and even the Bill Nye theme song which was as nostalgic and wompy as it gets.

Enjoy some photo's from the show!