Muse Needed

What to do, what to do?




At least something.

The last month or so here have been bringing me feelings of doubts, disconnection, and just being stagnant in life. Haven't been doing my picture displays, or even taking many pictures lately for that matter. Not sure what it is, just the motivation and inspiration to try and achieve my dream. Having thoughts of going to Asia at the end of the year however also thinking about how I will need a bigger chunk of money than in possession in right now to do something like that comfortably.

A muse in life would be appreciated and much needed. Someone to work with and who believes in myself, pushes me forward, and helps along the way in every aspect. Is that asking too much? Should I focus on me and find the inspiration and all needed within me? Am I not looking deep enough within myself to find that source?

The questions that drive me around and around the spiral.

Writing this because the last few days there have been sparks of that passion and progression in me. Hoping that writing this can keep that same continuation of feelings. There is much ability within me, need to believe in myself more and know that it can and will all turn out just how it's foreseen within my mind, just need to keep that constant progression going and get shit done. It has been far too long now and feel as though I should have long been on my way traveling the world, making money, living comfortably, and being a larger impact to people around the world in positive ways.

Just do it Daniel, please.

How do you get around your lack of motivation?