Findlay Friends

Hello to all out there, hopefully you are healthy, living not existing, and breathing consciously.

This post goes out to the friends over at Findlay Hats to show my appreciation and energetic attraction to their brand. Over at Findlay, the produce quality hats with a patented stampede lacing and comes with a lifetime warranty! If anyone knows me, then you know how much quality and brand confidence means. With a lifetime warranty, that shows you Findlay really is a force in the hat world and surely to give you a great overall experience. To see them grow from being in a tiny garage to opening up a massive warehouse and show room is wonderful to witness! I appreciate those brands that go above and beyond for customers, those grassroots brands that show you anyone really can make something of themselves and others around.

With their patented Stempede Lace design, you are sure to never loose your hat again! Whether you are out on a windy hike, the back of a jet ski, or hitting the slopes, Findlay Hats are sure to stay with you so you can fully immerse yourself without any worry. Aside from all the great features and qualities of the brand, they also produce AMAZING designs and color schemes, allowing there to be something for everyone!

Another awesome addition the put within these hats was a stash pocket ! Based out of Oregon, some of us can relate as to maybe why they would have incorporated this great stash spot in their hats. Located on the inside of the hat behind where the front logo is, you will find a skillfully sewed material pouch that can hold all of your small goodies!

This about sums it up for my appreciation post for the Findlay Force. I look forward to working with them more and expanding their brand to new souls across the world! Be sure to check them out on Instagram @FindlayHats and on their website at !

Also thank you to the homie David for being a great model in this Findlay gear !

Until Next Time...