My Life Be Like

Estes Park from Mt.Olympus

My life be like; up, down, around, thin, thick, around, down, up and down.

That would be me summing it all up rather directly. Life is a whirlwind for me, changing directions is seems every moment the big hand clicks another notch. Has been quite a while since I wrote on here last and quite frankly I don't even remember what it was about. Here I am now, at the Silver Moon Inn, working front desk in Estes Park,Co. Never would have thought living here would be an option, but would ya look at that.

Things have been good since I have arrived. The people I work for are awesome, work is easy, and I am living in yet another beautiful place. Haven't written here in a while because I wanted to update my site and change things around a bit. Looking forward to using this every day and having items for everyone to purchase. Finally upgraded, linked the domain, and here I am getting the ball rolling. The first month of the year was a bit slow for me but it was a gathering phase. Things are all gathered and now just need the action put forth to them to become a part of this reality.

David atop Mt.Olmypus

Trying to make more moves in my life, I have partnered with a couple companies to take some product photo's for them and spread the word of their great cause! Findlay Hats is one company I have teamed up with! They make unique looking hats and apparel, most importantly they are a great team over there who work very hard to bring their vision to life! Madera Outdoor company is the next I have partnered with. Every purchase through Madera plants two tree's and creates jobs in Africa ! What a great cause and they are bringing you some of my favorite outdoor items such as hammocks and water filtration.

You can check them both out by clicking on these links:

Madera Outdoor Company

Findlay Hats

A few days ago my roommate David and I hiked up Mt.Olympus here in Estes Park for some nice views and product pictures. Mt.Olympus is the only place in Estes Park where you get a 360, unobstructed view of Estes Park and all of the surrounding mountains. It was quite the strnuous hike but gosh were the views rewarding! Was nice to get out with a friend and hike up a mountain, always very rewarding taking a puff of doob at the summit with a friend and some great views! Looking forward to the next hike.

I will end it with that for today. Thank you to anyone who actually reads this and checks out the site. I really hope that to provide everyone with content they'd love to come back to and pictures they'd love to hang on their wall. Nothing would make my life feel more appreciated and meaningful.

Until next time.