New Chapter Awaits


This life I live, a whirlwind of people and decisions, ultimately making my life hard to keep up with at times, maybe why I am terrible at up keeping these blog posts. It just hit November and I'd rather not say where I am in life at the moment, however if you know me, then you may have an idea.

Lately things have been starting to get a bit stressful. Stressful in the same ways that going to Hawaii taught me not to be. More or less about my money, how my bank account is shrinking by the minute, because when you're not making money, you're spending it. Living out of my truck is great and all, however I still don't have the resources with me to make living out of there much easier for me and my wallet. Spending money on food everyday, mainly eating out, is the big killer. Not having a kitchen is the one amenity that I do miss having access to. If you know me, you know how much i enjoy to cook, not to mention the amount of money that I'd be saving if able to cook and store my own food. However this is the position I am in, and for better or for worse, this situation will not be lasting much longer...

Things have been stressful, yet also starting to look up. I recently landed a job in Estes Park,Co doing hotel work at this family run establishment. They have housing included which is a huge benefit and will allow me to save up a good chunk of money by the end of next summer. I am happy to be within a family run hotel away from corporate rules and standards. Estes Park is a beautiful little mountain town that's situated right at the entrance for Rocky Mountain National Park. Will provide me with some great photography opportunities in which I aim to create and start selling my frames and photographs.

Going to keep this one rather short, have some things to get done and I feel as though I am writing aimlessly. Which shouldn't be much of an issue or surprise considering that is how I typically write. Seems as though my patience may be running a bit thin today on this end of the spectrum.

Until next time..