Angel Dressed in Black

Greetings .

Eagle Nest Lake State Park

The ride today brings me to Eagle Nest, NM to a public library about the size of my living room in our house growing up. This library also is connected to a senior center and the town only has a hundred or so people in it, therefore I stick out quite a bit with my 17' laptop. Was funny to hear an older guy on the phone with his credit card company and couldn't figure out if he was talking to a robot or a person LOL .

I suppose I should get back to my story, about the last few months, where I have been, what I have been up to. Part of me wants to leave it behind and part to share and have it on record for myself and anyone else if they care. It's hard because, it hasn't been the greatest months, and to me, for some reason, it is embarrassing to thing about, let alone sharing it. However I suppose transparency is a good thing and the better route to take. I'm not sure how much I will share, haven't thought about it yet, but here we go, it's going to be a long one...

New Mexico/Colorado Border

Will post random photo's taken throughout the later summer months between paragraphs.

Left of back in July. Life in Jackson was pretty good for the most part. The one drunk roommate moved out, newer cool girl moved in. All the roommates besides one talked to each other, everything was nice. One of the roommates Allen even built a sweet fire pit on the little island on the Snake River in our backyard. Although work was frustrating because I wasn't making nearly the money I was told I would be making in the summer, and we were very slow, off season in April that year was busier for me. I did leave when I wanted "after all was looking good" and had that freedom making it a bit more tolerable.

Tetons at sunset

Early July, Bassnectar plays a 3 night run boasting old school tracks, no guidelines, and all freestyle. If you know me, you know how much i love experiencing a Bassnectar show and wasn't going to miss out on this special event. Had the homie Juanita end up coming with and I had to drive up to Yellowstone to pick up a fellow basshead before heading to Broomfield, Co.

I didn't have a cellphone at the time due to mine breaking "go figure" and wasn't sure if I was to get one or not. Also was without a way to take cash from the ATM due to my debit and credit cards not working, therefore i had to rely on old fashioned checks! When at breakfast when we arrived to Colorado, Juanita loaned me a couple hundred dollars to make sure I got a cell phone to easily keep in touch throughout the weekend. I did just that. The fellow basshead got dropped off, Juanita went with her lady, and off I went on my journey.

Galaxies above. Jackson, WY

Ended up buying a cheap cellphone at the store and started to get in contact with people because the show was that evening. Hit up my homie Ian and was going to go over his place and ride with them to the show. While on the phone i also received a message from my friend Stephanie. Stephanie "11" was someone I've known for 4+ years and we have kept in touch very casually over the years. She was the one who made the shirts I got for Jenny and I a while back before Basslights. We always talked briefly about traveling or about cameras, and tried to meet up a handful of times around the country at events, but it never worked out... You may see where this is going.

Sunset in No. Colorado

We ended up finally meeting that night and when I saw her, things just seemed to click. It was like an "Oh, there you are" moment from the workings of serendipity and synchronicity. We got down to some beats for two nights and decided to skip the third and go back to her place in Glenwood Springs instead. Everything was wonderful, smiles, laughs, feeling full. We had the same visions, same goals and wants out of life, someone who I have yet to find at that point in time. Seemed at though we were on the same page and things were going to last. Freestyle ends and we go to living our lives. She comes up to visit at end of July and we do an awesome 20 mile hike overnight. All was great and it seemed that we both have found our person in life.

Photo's from our hike to Holly Lake

In early August the hasty, and poor decision was made to up and leave my job, my place and move in with her. I wanted to wait until after the eclipse when she would be coming up, however I was pressured by her to come earlier based on previous things I said, and I just wanted to make the woman happy. I did just that, left everything in Jackson for her, burned bridges with my job at a great place and friendships with great people. Hasty, but i thought it was going to be the right choice in the end, for happiness.

11 gazing in to the sunset

My homie Ant ended up coming out to visit and I met him in Moab to camp/hike for a couple days. Stephanie was nice enough to let him crash on the couch for a few days before he had to pick his girlfriend up from the airport before we headed up to Jackson for the eclipse. Things with Stephanie and I were still good, a couple bumps but still laughing and loving at the end of the day. Then Ant left... Mind you I didn't have easy way to get money still. Stephanie and I bumped heads over money one time, little argument, started yelling, got told to leave for a bit because she didn't want me there. I left and came back. There was still tension though and it lasted until we left in her truck to head up to Jackson. The drive eased the tension and things seemed to be going great again. Little bump, all relationships have them.

Arches National Park with Ant

We got to Jackson and did a little hiking with Ant and his girlfriend Ashley, went to eat, and showed them around the town and mountains. Again, all was going great and it was the night before the eclipse. Long story short, because I want to spare the details, we upset each other that night, carried over to the morning, said some things i should of thought twice about and she ended up leaving me an hour before the eclipse with my truck still down at her place in Glenwood Springs. Ant had to go out of his way to drop me off to my truck before going to the airport to fly back home. I tried to reconcile with Stephanie when I got there, however it did not work out and since that point I have been alone living out of my truck. We had plans to go see my family, to Basscenter, to Bonobo in Aspen. All was off.


And from that point on, my life has been a spinning, ever changing, non-stop domino effect of madness with tiny drops of fulfillment. Had a great time on my birthday at Basscenter. Reconnected with old friends and met a lot of new ones, it was like old times at these events. Nothing but good vibes and times all around.

Will leave this one off right here and pick up on it later. Just want to get the gist of my life down before I start posting photo's and my words in the ways I want.

Thanks for reading, if anyone's out there.

Until next time...