Wow, where does time go?

Well holy shit.

I can't believe it has been almost 6 months since I have officially blogged an entry on here. Not quite sure what I am really doing with my life if i still can't find 30 minutes out of each day, each week even to update this. Much, much , much has happened since my last post on here. Before i was living beautifully in Jackson Hole, currently I am living out out my vehicle, again, in Colorado, again. Trying to figure out the next move in life and where to go. I got thrown a huge curve ball a couple months ago and struck out, putting me in the position I am in now, and I suppose I shall write all about it while sitting here in the Fort Collins public library.

The last time I blogged here it was from April, so i was living out of my truck trying to find a place to live in Jackson Hole. Well, I actually started a post on May 31st, yet never published it. Not too long after that last post, I found a room in Jackson about 10 minutes south of town for cheaper than what everyone else was paying, still too expensive for my liking. I ended up landing a place with my own bedroom and bathroom in a basement level dormitory style set up with 6 bedrooms, a common area, kitchen and laundry. It was nice because I had my own bathroom attached to my room. The downfall was that it was below an office, thus at 6am every morning I would hear the clacking of heels and shoes walking on the ceiling above me. It was also tough at times living with two roommates whom were alcoholics. Not violent, just drank a lot and did nothing with their lived. Hearing them bang around in the kitchen at 2am every other night trying to make food did quickly get tiring. However I had a job that I liked even though I wasn't making me the money I thought and they said I would be making, and a place to sleep, shower, and do laundry. Life was good.

I had a few friends come out and visit me including the really good homie Max. We did some great hikes and I was exploring the Tetons during my spring and summer in Jackson. Work was frustrating because of the money, however I came and left as I pleased and felt a lot fo freedom, so I tolerated the lack of money being made and more so just enjoyed my time there! The stars at night are amazing in Wyoming with the very little light pollution, thin air, and higher elevation.

Then July came rolling around and then that is where my life really started to change. Hard to think that it was already over 3 months ago. This time, i promise, I will continue to write more about my life leading up to where I am now. Hand is cramping up a bit and want to gather some things to put together for the next post.

It will be quite a ride for you too,

Until next time.