Holy Moley, Guacamole.

Where do I begin...

I will be updating this constantly for the next couple weeks most likely, adding things and thoughts as I go along due to the large time gap since I last blogged here.

From the last of what I can remember I posted in reference to myself leaving the island of Hawaii temporally, so it seemed.

I left the island originally to head over to Colorado to catch a Pretty Lights show and clear out myn storage unit before making the official move back to Hawaii. Pretty Lights in Telluride was great despite the horrid weather. My mother came to visit me in Colorado and showed her around a bit. I cleared some of my stuff from storage and was ready to get back to the island!

A month went by, I went to Bassnectar in Atlanta, Illinois and Michigan. We are now at the date of November 3rd and my flight to Kona is the next day. I get my remaining things, jump in the rental car and then start to head over to the airport for my flight.

Then the unthinkable happens.

The back right tire of the rental blows out on the highway, forcing me to pull over. With just my luck there is no breaker bar in the vehicle for me to change the tire by myself. Ended up having to call roadside assistance which took them 4 hours to get to me. Yep, you guessed it, I missed my flight...

With nowhere to go and no thoughts on what I should do next, i panicked and posted my status on Facebook, entailing my current situation. To my avail, the homie Juanita reached out to me who was in Jackson,WY. Now all throughout my time in Hawaii, where I met her, she talked about how great of a place Jackson was and this and that. Had no idea what she was talking about and figured it really couldn't be that great. How I was wrong...

She got in touch with me and said that there were a couple of rooms available in the house she was living at with plenty of jobs in town. I said I will see you tomorrow! Hopped in another rental car and began the 9 hour drive up to Jackson. Juanita really helped me out, allowing me to use her car for the first 2.5 months I was there to get back and forth to work and really supported me in my journey. I ended up landed a good job at one of the best hotels in the world, The Rusty Parrot. A few months after that I purchased one of my roommates vehicles, a Toyota 4Runner and then life seemed to be getting put together very well!

Housing in Jackson is very tough. Either there is no housing available or it is not affordable. The lease ran out at the house I was living at on March 31 and every since then I have been living in the 4Runner and sleeping on couches, waiting for something good to come my way.

Jackson is great. The wildlife here is unbelievable and is a great little mountain town. I plan to be here for a little bit, saving money and expanding my photography. Hoping to really establish myself here so I will be able to continue on anywhere else in the world!

It has been quite the journey and we will see where life takes me next. May or may not write about the very fine details of my life that has happened since I last blogged. Time will tell.

Until next time...