The End...For Now

September 1, 2016


Back at it again...


I sit here at the table in the lobby of world class hotel/hostel, The Wild Ginger Inn. Since early April I have lived my life here and it has been quite the ride. The trip here has been just that, a trip. Up and down with highs and lows, I have had many occurrences happen here that have greatly impacted my life for the better. I wish there was more writings done on here, but it is what it is and life goes on. My last few weeks here have been greatly impacted by an individual. Some things, if not all of the greatest ones seem to come when you absolutely least expect it. Much has been lost and much more gained during my time on this island. Gains in wisdom, life skills upon much more I can not list here. The connections made and friendships founded are something set up by a certain natural mystic floating in through the air...



Continuing on a week and a day:


I am back again, today is my birthday and you can find me sitting at the computer inside of the Quality Inn Denver. I flew in to Denver last week to attend the Pretty Lights concert in Telluride. It was quite the magical time as it was expected to be.  I didn't finish writing the blog originally planned for this title. I was sitting at the table and then I am sure that Grace came by and we decided to go out and do something. Well here I am now going to finish this baby off. The concert in Telluride was great despite the cold and rainy weather, even though it wasn't THAT bad. After that my mom came to visit me. It has been an interesting time. More downs than ups. It is unfortunate but I just do not like my mother. She is a great person to the world and select people, however I just do not want to be around her or spend time in my life with her. It is sad to me but she is someone who does not make me a better person, raise my vibration, or push me to achieve what I truly want. Just not someone I would want to be around. Yes on the holidays or just to say hi then I will visit, but to spend an extended period time with and be expected to do things with, then that will just not work out unfortunately, at least for now...


Today is the anniversary of my 25th revolution around the largest star in our solar system. I can finally get rental cars cheaper, if there is anything to look forward to for being a quarter century old.  I am not too sure what is going to be planned for today. My ankle currently has a light sprain due to a poor jump decision, it is currently making me question whether to push it or not on a nice hike at Rocky Mountain National Park. Yet that will probably be the decision that I make. 


I am going to end this one a bit short because of the need to go back up to the room and talk to my mom about what is going on for the day. Earlier I came down to eat breakfast and then smoked the rest of my clip from yesterday. Have been at the computer doing things and being progressive since then. I shall come back with a nice meaty blog post for you all, if there really is anybody out there.



Until Next Time...



Quote of the day:

I don't know anything about anything.


"Figured I would spice up these things by adding personal quotes of mine" 

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