Last Leg In Hawaii

August 12, 2016

Salutations to all!


Here again, writing this with slight disappointment to the fact that I have not updated this blog as much as I had originally planned since coming to Hawaii. A bunch of unfortunate circumstances had fallen in to my lap that set me back quite a bit, however I wish there was a bit more effort put in to make sure I keep writing about the experiences I am having here. Time lately has been going by rather quickly compared to when I first reached the island. With only 11 more days here on the island I am hoping to indulge in every moment and make the most of what is left. The month of July seems like it just flew right on by and so far the same is happening for August. On the first one of my good homies here where I am working left to head on a new adventure elsewhere. I am always one to do things alone without hesitation but the presence of another crazy person to adventure out with and jump off of cliffs with is greatly missed, especially with these last few days of being here winding down. July was a slow and not so adventurous month for me due to having to recover and limit myself to what I did due to the ear infection/ruptured eardrum. However for these last few weeks in August I am hoping to create some new and everlasting memories. 


Yesterday was a good day. It was my coworker Davids birthday in which him, his lady, friend, and new work trader Grace headed down to the champagne ponds in Kalapana. The water was warm, sun shining, drinks being drank and cannabis smoked. This time I have to admit was enhanced by the presence of Grace. She is a new work trader that started a couple days before my homies departure on the 1st of August. I must say that the first time I saw her my breath got taken away, as cheesy as that may sound, it be true. Since then we slowly started talking and it appears as something may be brewing, yet this would be happening when I'm leaving here. I suppose that it is just the way my life works. Blessing and a curse,


It's on my mind so I will talk about it.... The other day Grace and I went to the nearby beach to hand out and attempt to teach her how to swim. My main man Phil joined us which was a nice addition. I can't recall if I have talked about Phil yet in these series of writings. I will be dedicating a whole post to him soon as he is someone who has had great impact of me since my stay here at the Wild Ginger. Anyways, we all biked to coconut island and had a great time hanging out in the hammock amongst the other things done. Teaching Grace to swim was a pleasurable experience and it was very comforting to hold her in the water, spinning around slowly just enjoying the view and our place in space. I hate to write about it because it is really not like me, but it is inside my mind and I find satisfaction in writing about and remembering these times with her. She is different. Comforting. Accepting. Funny. She is great thus far and I can't help but be slightly curious as to what the future holds for us, if anything is held at all.  I have had the feeling of love before as well as loved someone with my full heart, however this just seems different, better, more balanced. We shall see.....


I am going to miss it here and as much as I can't wait to leave, I can't wait to come right back. It feels as though this island has captured my soul and colored it. It was nice being in a place with multiple friends around to do things with or just simply talk and hang out. I will miss my friends here, especially Phil and my number one homie Peri, she always has my back and is there for me, a true friend indeed. I will miss the family and the connections made here, however I know I will be back. This past weekend I helped set up and attended a wedding here for one of Phil's friends. It was a great time and was nice to be included within another family and meet new people, along with seeing the Hawaiian culture and how the locals are. Everything here will be greatly missed. Many people have came and went, many conversations and friendships formed, memories made with hopes of being able to recall them later in life, this all has been one hell of a ride. Much has been taken but much more has been gained. 


I'm out of brain space for the blog place...


Until Next Time...



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