Shit Happens In Paradise II

At the summit of Mauna Kea. Active volcanoes in the distance.

Greetings to all the readers of this blog. It has been quite some time since I have updated this and it pains me to say so due to my intentions not being there! I have had a bunch of terrible circumstances hit my way of life ever since travelling to this new side of the Big Island...

Things started off great working at The Wild Ginger Inn. I love where I am, the people I meet and the things to do. Unfortunately some things happened to me and my life that have since really set me back pretty far. Farther than I have even been before at the least. It is hard for me to remember where I left off so i will continue it where I think this blog was left off...

I am pretty sure I left off last talking about the full moon beach party I attended and how my phone just up and left my side out of nowhere with me never seeing it again. Well not too long after that the other phone I had as a backup started not working and then the LCD screen went out on me and broke. Therefor I was without a phone for a couple months until I just recently bought a cheap $30 phone that isn't the best, but it is capable of doing all I needed it to. Not too long after my backup phone stopped working I had one of the worse things happen to me materialistically that [possibly could, my hard drive for my laptop crashed on me out of no where. This was and still is a huge blow to me. Not only did I loose my main networking tool and way of finding work, I lost all of my photo's, videos, writings, and much much more pertaining to my life over the last 5 years. This hurt me and I couldn't wrap my head around why this has happened, but I pushed through and thanked my health, friends and livelihood. I knew that Madam Pele was testing me and stripping all things materialistically away from me with hopes that I can find myself more. I dealt with it and just continued living life. Besides those things going wrong, I was seeing many great places on this island, many of which I wish I could share with you in photo's, however that will have to wait until another time because I am currently writing this at the library and have no way at the moment of uploading my photo's and putting them on here.

After a couple weeks of my hard drive failing on me a bunch of friends and I went over to Kona side to have one last night with our friend Hailey who was returning back to the mainland to graduate for her masters degree. We found a nice beach and set up camp there for the night. All was great until i receive a text message on my phone saying that my debit card has been flagged for fraudulent use!!! My wallet was stolen legitimately right behind our backs while we were on the beach. Could things really get any worse for me. I still had my camera but them taking my wallet which contained my license was a huge blow to me and the goals i had in mind. This means I couldn't get a job, couldn't go out with friends to 21+ places and just a lack of peace of mine being without my identification.

This set me back pretty far, I felt like I was falling through a black hole with no direction or path in sight. This was not a good place for myself at the time. Not to mention, a couple weeks after that my friends lost my amethysts necklace my mother had gotten me. This was my guidance and a way of knowing my mother was with me as she wanted me to wear it all the time when i was gone. I had nothing. No phone, no computer, no wallet, no way of getting money....nothing. A week after that one of the legs to my very expensive tripod went missing, leaving me with a disabled tripod that is very hard to use and barley functional. However at the least i still had my health and my camera working properly.

Despite all of these items leaving my life I saw a bunch of great places. I traveled to the tallest mountain in the world multiple times, went to 1 of 4 green sand beaches in the world, watched the largest active volcano in the world spew molten lava, swim with beautiful fishes and turtles, cliff jumped at the highest places I ever have in my life and much much more. My life was great but had a huge damper put upon it. I kept thinking in my head that this was my getting pulled way far back just to get sling shot forward.

Since all of that happened I have replaced my debit cards and am currently waiting on receiving my replacement ID in the mail. Over a week ago i caught strep throat and while cliff jumping I received an ear infection which got bad to the point where my eardrum ruptured. I am still without hearing in my right ear and since then my strep throat has resolved itself.

It seems as those I am not ready for this island, or it is not ready for me. Since all of my unfortunate events, I have booked my flight off of this island back to Colorado. I am attending Pretty Lights in Telluride at the end of August and hopefully going to find a job and really start working + saving up money. I do not like to live my life for money and have many times written that in my blog, however my bank account is the lowest it has ever been and I am in desperate need to save up. It is not going to be easy but I am sure I will survive. I took the hard road by spending all of my money and travelling, hoping that this uphill climb won't be too rocky and that i will be able to get back on track no problem. That is the goal.

Again I apologize for the lack of photo's on this post. I will try to attach some here that I have posted on Facebook. If it doesn't work you all can head over there to see some of my latest work:

Until next time...

Waves crashing. Hike to Green Sands Beach.