Dry Side to Wet Side

Aloha again !

It has been a few weeks since I last wrote on here and quite frankly I can't even remember what was talked about.

I have since moved from Waikoloa on the Big Island of Hawaii to the other side at a place called Hilo. I ended up finding a work-trade opportunity at the unique hotel/hostel names "The Wild Ginger Inn". I must say that I like things much better on this side of the island and the work that I am doing. Here I am doing basic housekeeping duties that only take up a couple hours a day. Another positive about being here is all the types of people I have encountered here. There are people my age which means adventure buddies to do adventurous things with. Along with that, there is much much more going on here in Hilo than there was in Waikoloa. Several stores, restaurants, shops, the beach and much more are all within walking distance from where I am staying at....

Since staying here I have done more exploring than I have since being here but still not as much as I want to, i suppose only I am to blame for that. Last weekend a few friends and myself went to Spencer Beach Park and it was quite the time. There was a small event going on there that night which included music, flow arts, fire spinning and camping, all on the beach under the full moon. I have never seen anything like it and made me really want Hawaii to be a part of my life forever. It was something that you would only see in movies but this was happening in my life and I am forever grateful to have experienced something like that. They technically call them ecstatic dance parties in which you are not allowed to talk, but this rule was bent a bit as you could image. I also here that they do these types of parties deep within the jungle in Pahoa every Thursday night. As you can probably imagine this is mostly a "hippy event" as the outsiders may describe it. Music, dancing, lights and most of all, drugs. All are used responsibly by people and nothing ever gets out of hand to my knowledge and experiences. I have yet to go to the one in the jungle at the Garden Temple as it is called but I look forward to it when that tie may come.

I am really enjoying Hilo a lot. The vibe and energy here is really something different and special. This place truly hold the Aloha Spirit and you can always make a new friend just by walking down the street.. The only drawback thus far to being here is that my money is dwindling down at a steady pace. In the past I have written about not living my life for money and doing whatever it is I truly please and I have been living exactly by that. However I am to the point where I must find a small part time job and have a bit of income rolling in. I try not to let this stress me out but at times it just happens. I will start applying for jobs today and hopefully something can come my way. It is a bit difficult to find something that can accommodate with the hours I work here at the hotel, but if it is meant to be then I am sure that it will be.

Currently I am not too sure what else to write about, I am sure things will come to me the moment I step away from the laptop.I start my shift here soon and am going to wrap this lil blog session up. I hope to explore more and bring you all the beautiful pictures I have been promising. They will come when they come, hopefully sooner than later..

OH ! It has been almost a full month since that little bicycle accident I had and I am just about fully healed. Only thing left is a tiny scab over my knuckle, but other than that I am all good !

Until next time...