Journey To The Island That's Big

March 16, 2016

Hello... Or should I be saying ALOHA !? 
Danny here reporting from Hawaii on the Big Island. What a journey it has been and what an Endeavour,the future will be. After much anxiety before,my flights,I finally landed safely and problem free. My time here in Hawaii is to be determined as I will be exploring and going with the wind for the next few months or more of my life. I forget if I updated you all in my last post as to what I am doing here, will reiterate it regardless... 
I am here in Hawaii due to the great tools of the internet and specifically the website . The website will give you a list of people all around the world who are willing to offer you a room and food in exchange for around 25 hours of work a week. It is a great deal and opportunity where you can meet great people while experiencing new lands of the Earth. For my first one I ended up finding a wonderful lady named Tamar to take me in her home while I help out around the out and inside of her house. Things so far have been very different here. I mean different in the terms of witnessing life in ways I never have before. The different animals, flowers, the weather and scenery is like I have never experienced before. As of now I am confined to wherever my legs want to take me due to her bicycle being broke at the moment. I still have yet to hit or see much of the beach and coast, very anxious indeed to do just that., 
I am honestly drawing a bit of a blank on what to continue writing here on this post. May have to keep this one short and sort of sweet, just wanted to update the blog with my life. I look forward to exploring this island and bringing you all beautiful pictures of these small string of islands., 
Hope you enjoy the few I took thus far. Not the best pictures but viewing pleasure nonetheless...


Until next time...






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