Change: The Only Constant

Greetings fellow mammals of Earth. I come to my laptop with intentions on sharing what has been going on lately and I will do just that... As the title of this post states, change is the only constant and boy is that true. Life lately for me like always have been spiraling out of control with no true direction or idea of what the fuck to do. The past few weeks I have been feeling extremely pressured to find a vehicle after being without one for a few months now. Even more pressure due to my bank account being in the worse shape in over 5 years. With thoughts scattering and goals dissipating with every breath, life seemed as if it were just dragging out for the time being with myself hoping that something will fall in to place., And then the big change comes. But first I will talk about what led up to that change, because why not. Also this is my blog, therefor,I may ramble and write as much as I please... I test drove a couple cars in the past week along with searching for loans and applying for credit cards so I would be able to acquire a vehicle. I had many thoughts on what to do even when I get the car. I would then feel pressured to find a place to live in Colorado, which is where I would be driving to. If those thoughts aren't enough I would then have to worry about if I had enough money to put down for a deposit on a place to live + first months rent and all that good stuff in which comes with when searching for somewhere to traditionally live. Just when I think my life couldn't be going more out of control with even less direction than the day before, an opportunity presents itself to me.. But first let me talk about my day today... Today I had to do a professional photo shoot with an old friend for his online and business profiles. This was a great opportunity for me as I haven't done many portraits and wondered if I was capable of producing professional-like quality pictures. This friend is my ex-girlfriends cousin who I became acquainted with through her and always randomly kept in touch after all of these years. A great speaker with a good head on his shoulders, he kept me engaged in conversation and always thinking. It was a pleasure working with him and chatting as well, about business, world, ethical issues and beyond. Not everyday I get to engage in intelligent conversation "which I love", making today a good day for myself professionally and mentally as well. All in all I would say the shoot went very well and I captured a few great shots for him to use. I will post my favorite one at the bottom of this page. It is always nice to expand my horizons and learn more about photography and the composition of a photo. Having not been formally educated on these necessities of photography, I have to learn as I go along and teach myself. I do however enjoy this though as it pushes myself to do better and always keeps things interesting,.. Ok now to the news of this change I have been speaking of.. For the past couple years I have contemplated about doing a workaway experience somewhere around the world. Workaway being a tool in which you connect with people, business owners, etc. all around the world and offer 25 hours of work a week in exchange for a place to live and food. I have always wanted to go to Hawaii and do one of these but never heard back from any hosts that I have been contacting. That is until the other day when I had TWO hosts contact me offering me an opportunity! To make a longish story short, I will be traveling to the Big Island of the Hawaii Islands on March 14th, staying there for an indefinite amount of time! This is very exciting for me, however currently more nervous due to me having to get on an airplane to actually get there. I am hoping all will go well and my excitement will truly set in when my feet are on the ground among the islands. I am hoping to learn about the islands, myself , and dive in to a part of the world I always dreamed of going to. I will be expanding my photography skills and bringing you all "if anyone is out there reading" a bunch of amazingly beautiful pictures. I have goals of doing my photography there when not working to hopefully sell some. This can be a great start for me to get recognized as a photographer, writer, and world traveler. Opportunities are to come and I will be sure to jump on them when they present themselves., I am very excited to keep updating this along my journey bringing everyone a snapshot of my life through the lens. Life is change. Constant is Change. Life.Constantly.Changes. Hopefully always for the better you., Until next time...

Victor Neves.

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