Worth Living For

Hello to all, if any who are reading.

I sit here in the comfort of my original home by the warm fire, editing pictures from this past weekend and figured I would write a post on what has been going on recently in the life of me,

Nothing too drastic has changed, yet life is always ever changing for myself. Lately I have been shooting more shows in which I am extremely appreciative for. The Untz "media company" has helped me out a lot by allowing me to shoot these events and expand my portfolio while honing in on my skills. I most recently shot Gramatik at the Playstation Theater in NYC. This was an honor considering Gramatik has always been one of my favorite makers of music and person in general. It was before this show that I truly found my meaning and purpose in life in which makes living worth it for me.

It was during the time that i snapped the photo above in which i found my meaning for doing photography. While i was setting up my camera and during the time I was snapping away, 9 out of every 10 people that walked by me simply stopped what they were doing. Not because they dropped something, and not because time just froze for the world around me, but because they all stopped to look up at the beautiful moon hovering above the Empire State Building. Since the first time i picked up a camera and snapped a shot of the moon, my purpose for that was to get people to look up. Even before i had my hands on a camera I always wanted people to just look up, rather than down at their phones or any other modern day technology that which consumes the lives of many. Watching these people stop what they were doing just to appreciate the moon and life in that moment gave myself a huge feeling of satisfaction. If i was not there taking photo's with my professional looking camera I truly belive no one would have stopped or even payed the slightest bit of attention to the beauty that laid before us.

Throughout my time taking pictures in that location I had a few conversations with great people and also witnessed others appreciate and indulge in that present moment of the universes beauty. This has always been something I aspired to cause with others. Knowing that I was the cause of these people to appreciate the time and space they were in just truly gave me the biggeest overall feeling of satisfaction, and in turn leading me to my purpose for being here....With my camera anyways.

I will be getting a new car most likely this week which means I will be on the road yet again, this time with a purpose in mind and a quality camera to acompany me. I hope to bring photo's to many people's eyes not just so they can appreciate the photo I snapped, but with hopes that they will stop themselves in their tracks to look up at the sky and appreciate the truly meaningful things in life. It is this that I aspire to do and that which gives my life meaning, purpose, and satisfaction.

Until next time...