New Year. Same Procrastination.

February 13, 2016

I sit here on my couch wondering the last time I wrote for this blog. I promised in earlier editions to keep it consistantly up, but if you know me then shit always changes.. I couldn't believe it has been since November since I have written. Therefor his post is very much needed. I did start writing one a month ago however for some reason that draft did not save and my thoughts were lost. So here i am now!


Things have been rather calm and unadventurous since I last posted. I have been living at home not doing much, waiting for the day to hit the road again. Yet I have no vehicle at the moment and his is why my process is momentarily hindered. I always keep questioning whether to hit the road again or to take a flight out to Hawaii and stay there for a few months or until I see fit. I keep contemplating both of these options and truthfully, like most of my life, I will just wait until it comes to me and life works its way out. May not be the best form of action but it is me. I have talked a lot in previous posts about taking action and repeating those actions to aquire your goal. It appears that I have lost sight of my own words these past few months. Being home just really unmotivates me. It doesn't make me happy "besides my dog" and it is very stressful living with and being around people in a household who are not deep thinkers nor care to strive above and beyond the stars to achieve what it is that's truly wanted. Everyone in the houshold just wants to follow the herd and listen to what their told. An example to give that describes my family and my situation; After getting into an argument with my parents i was yelled at and told that my one and only purpose in life is to listen to orders when you're told without question.....




... If only you all knew what my face looked like when I was told that, even now as I have to reiterate what happened it disgusts me that my parents have that mindset. However it is what it is I suppose. This though I am sure can convey to you the type of household I am in.


To switch it up and paraphrase how my life has been since the new year..


I celebrated the new year in Vegas seeing Pretty Lights on his 2 night run. I may or may not come back and write a post describing those events. Since then I have been doing more and more photography and shooting shows. I really look forward to improving my skills and bringing everyone the best possible pictures. I find much joy in event photography as it is fun and very challanging. I look ahead to future days when i'll be shooting more shows with increased skill. Photography is something I do love and look to improve and build upon. There is something especially about sitting on the ground waiting 25 seconds at a time for an exposure to develop and seeing if you got the shot you wanted or not. I have no problem in doing this and find much joy, even if the shot is not how expected as I still am learning. I look forward to getting a car or travelling to hawaii with aspirations of really pleasing your visual senses :-)

I will end this post here. Keep it shorter and sweet than the others. I will try my best to update these when I can.


Until next time...

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