Are you a photographer?

Welcome to all once again!

Danny here, coming at you from a Panera Bread once more, this time in Colorado Springs! I decided on Saturday to get our of Boulder area and take in a change of scenery. I am down here now and the scenery is stil beautiful with towering mountains to the west. They do seem a bit closer in the Springs than in boulder and Denver, I am anxious to get exploring around here.

When arriving in the Springs I wanted to do something that evening rather than spending it by myself. I did a simple search and found out there was a cheap show going on at a venue fairly close by. It was a bit less known people who were playing and this sparked an idea to just walk in with my camera and start taking pictures. I have always wanted to do a shoot at a show but never have before due to my lack of expirience in that department. Nonetheless the day went by and nightfall came. I ate, got myself ready and journied about 10 minutes away to the venue titled Rawkus.

My backpack was packed with my things and I headed towards to doors after taking a few shots of the venue itself with the moon in the background. I ended up meeting a young lady who got me discounted tickets and who later on also helped me out as well. I waited anxiously in line pondering over and over if they would let me in. While standing at the door I hear a man shout no book bags and at this point I figured my chances were doomed. I walked up to the same guy and told me to leave my bag behind the counter. I asked him if I was allowed to bring in my camera and he asks "Are you a photographer?" I replied to him that I am and he tells me "Well in that case you can take your bag in!" What a JOY this was as my confidence shot right up and happy feelings all around. For the first time I was walking around the venue being the one taking te shots. I know I didn't have the best camera or really know what to do, but I went with it and had a blast while doing so.

That same girl whom I met earlier set me up with the owner of the venue trying to get me backstage access. He was a really great guy and supported what I wanted to do however he couldn't let me backstage due to the amount of other photographers there. He did tell me to shoot him a text if there was a time I wanted to go back for just a bit and he would accommodate this. I never ended up asking for that extra privileges as I felt I had been rewarded enough that evening.

The night went by and I stayed taking many pictures testing out my camera and understanding the settings needed to be used. It was a great time and I met a couple cool people. The majority of everyone there was younger so it wasn't my typical event, but when you're the photographer this does not matter. It was a great night for me and glad I left on good terms with the owner. To top things off I also had a DJ ask me to be apart of their press team for the future, I am keeping this opportunity in the back of my mind for now as it could be a great opportunity.

I will add a couple of my favorites from the night and if you are interested in seeing a few more just head over to my photography page or click here.

I look forward to hopefully shooting more events and updating you with my progress !:)

Until next time...