October 14, 2015


Hello all! Can you guess where I am today writing this? 


I wanted to dedicate this blog to my excursions yesterday night in hopes of snapping some wonderful nighttime pictures! I must humbly say that I m impressed with some of the photos that I took. The milky way galaxy was in plain sight to the naked eye making it easy for the camera to capture the view. It was the first time in my life where I was able to visablly se the milky way stretch across the whole sky. This was a very pleasent and appreciative sight especially because it was the first of its kind in my life. Upon viewing that I knew that more of these types of views were needed. 


I drove up to Flagstaff Mountain which was the same location that I went to a couple weeks earlier to catch the total lunar eclipse. This time at the top there were much less people, this took to my liking as i prefer the solitude of myself and the thoughts in my mind. There were a couple groups of people that were there and whom came after but nobody obnoxious. I met a couple of guys who were from Kuwait and talked about how they can't see the sky over where they are from due to the pollution and dust. They were studying chemical engineering and started talking about bombs which was a bit of a concern.....


The time I spent up there on the rocks I was snapping away, changing the exposure times and settings to gauge a better view on things and whats needed in different scenarios. I was very pleased with the way the shots were coming along and became addicted to trying out different angles and ways to expose the beautiful and vast nature of the cosmos..


It overall was a great experience and a fun time to play with the camera. I learned a lot and like i said before it was very nice to finally view the milky way in that nature for the first time. I hope it will be a stepping stone to bigger and better things to come. I was so motivated I even woke up a bit before sunrise to snap some photo's as well. i found a great spot and enjoyed it immensely. I put on Pretty Lights and started dancing a bit as the sun was rising to be honest. I realized a lot in the moments when the sun was rising as well. That sun right when it comes up is when you can stare right at it clearly and I saw how big it actually is and where we were in relative to its position in the galaxy. Put things into perpective. I think I prefer sunrises over sunsets...


 I will post some shots below that I got that night and morning. Hope you enjoy!!


Until next time....









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