National Park of Rockious Mountains

Hello to all on this Saturday morning.

I'm sure if you have read my previous posts that you can guess where I am writing this today. We will be recapping yesterday as I took a long and adventurous trip through Rocky Mountain National Park...

I started the day by waking up in the newly cleaned out car of mine. It was just too packed forcing me to put most of my stuff in storage. This was a good move and now I have much more room and a decently comfortable place to sleep! After waking up and viewing how nice of a day it was I couldn't pass up the opportunity and immediately started driving towards Estes Park, Colorado. I arrived early and after paying the absurdly high price of $20 for a single day visit "most expensive I have encountered' I started to venture off with no set destination in sight.

It started out as a great day and the drive through the park was very scenic. You could see many of the trees started to express their fall foliage which provided wonderful foreground for the snow capped mountains that were visible behind them. I wasn't quite sure on where to go so I let my instances take over and drover to whatever caught my eye. There were several pull offs that provided wonderful views of the mountains and everything in between. I eventually wanted to hike into the actual mountains, but didn't do this until I drove around the whole vicinity of the park..

I stopped at a few places to go and hike but soon turned around afte either realizing it was just much too far for what I was prepared with, or didn't feel safe by myself exploring the wild with potentially dangerous animals. I would not be too nervous if I was well equipped, but that day I was not. Eventually I whipped out the map and found a series of lakes that were not too far off from the road. I followed the map to a trail near Bear Lake and started to hike towards a few water sources in hopes of setting up my hammock somewhere nice. At this time of the day the sky had been filled with chemtrails once more and soon after a blanket of grey haze covered the sky. This had saddened me but wouldn't hinder my adventuring for the day.

I continued to hike just in hopes of finding a decent lake to set up at for a little bit. After about 3 miles of trekking through the mountains I finally reached Lake "I can't remeber". It was cold and windy once I arrived but provided a great scene for my eyes to witness. Viewing these bodies of water within the middle of towering mountains is extremely pleasant and highly looked forward to remember in my life. After taking a couple gloomy pictures of the area I found a couple trees and set up the hammock and enjoyed my time viewing the surroundings. Noticing the haze of clouds getting heavier and the sun slowly starting to set I packed up my belongings and began the 4+ mile hike back to the car.

After all the steps have been hiked I finally made it back to my car with nothing else but food on my mind. I found a great burger place about 4 miles out and had the best one I've ever had to date. I wish I could remember the place because they deserve recognition. After I finished up eating and rested my legs for a bit I noticed how dark the night sky was and couldn't pass up heading back to the park in hopes of capturing some nice sky shots.

Right after pulling in the gate I turned off my car and stepped outside to look up at the sky. I was viewing the most stars I have ever seen with my eyes. With no light pollution around and the moon not risen it provided a truly dark sky filled of beautiful points of light. It was really an amazing sight and something I hope to see more of in the future. I snapped a couple pictures, a bit nervous from the howling coyotes but continued to snap away nonetheless.

I got a few nice shots and then packed up my things with tired eyes and drove back to Boulder where I would sleep.

One thing that disappointed me from the trip was the amount of wildlife I saw. I didn't see anything besides a few chipmunks and birds which was a bit of a let down, however everything else made up for it. After processing the pictures I am quite happy with what I caught and hope to return to snap a bunch of better ones! I am planning on going in to the mountains again tonight to try and snap some much higher quality pictures of the night sky.

As always I know I just ramble but it feels nice to just get what I am thinking down, whether I am rushing through it "like this one" or not. Thank you to all once more for those continuing to read through my babbles:)

Until next time...