Bout'da Qdoba

October 5, 2015


Hey hey. Back again at this whole let me update probably no one with my thoughts and travels in everyday life. Like last post says though, the hope is there that someday people will.


I write this one sitting in Panera per usual, going to reflect on my day yesterday and just keep the progression going with everything.


Yesterday I sat down and ate at Qdboba, which is another Mexican fast foodish restaurant that is extremely comparable to Chipotle. The picture above is what I had to eat and where I sat....For 7 hours!!!

I utilized Qdoba that day because there usually aren't too many people in there and they also have the free wi-fi ;-). I sat down and ordered a chicken burrito loaded with everything they offer on it. Whenever you get to pick your food I always load it up because well why not? I do have to say that I enjoy the quality and food that Qdoba offers in comparison to panera bread. Plus not having to pay a couple bucks extra for some good ole guacamole is also a nice addition.  The burrito was huge and packed with flavor, the cookie on the side was also very good, even better because it was free for me! Burrito was a bit too big as I was starving prior but still couldn't finish the whole thing...


I sat in my seat for more than 7 hours on my computer, re-doing my website trying to get the layout and content in order to make it look best. I accomplished a lot and as you can see the website isn't looking too shabby. Still lacking on the content but within due time that will come. Even here at Panera that is what I continue to due with in hopes that one day this website will attract many more people than it already does. 


I still ponder and question myself on what to do with life. Money keeps coming in my head and then panic will ensue. I do not like this and feel as though it's just programmed in my brain to think about, just what "they" want. I have no care for money and would love a money-less society but yet that overwhelming anxious feeling for the dollar always finds its way back into my mind. I guess a tiny part of me feels like there is no way I can be successful on my own doing what I want and the only way to ever support myself is to have a company job where I don't want to be. It is not what I want and I really hope that my efforts will succeed and that the good things will follow with time. 


I'm anxious to get a better camera and equiptment capable of taking breathtaking shots. I am eager to learn more about the art of photography and show others that my eye is a great artist. Im excited to travel and show others the world around me and the beauty it possesses. I am also nervous to loose all my money in the process. I have doubts that anyone will purchase my work because of the abundence of others that are doing exactly the same. This makes me worry due to the fact that I do not wany to go back working a job that I do not want to be doing. I also don't want to be forced to take out massive loans to go back to school in hopes of landing a job i don't want to do that just pays more money. I have my goals and aspirations but I can't seem to shake these doubts I have. I kind of blame my family for this inner deep feeling because that is how I was raised and pressured through my life: To always find a job and make money. To spend money going to school to make money to have to spend that money to pay for the education I received to make money. To then work 80% of my time to spend money on my declining health from working 80% of the time. Work work work money money money. Where does happiness fit into this equation? Where is freedom? People think money gives you both of these things but gosh that couldn't be anymore skewed from the truth. 


I keep writing these to help tell and persuade myself that money is not the goal. That money isn't much when you have an absence of true freedom. I know that money is not all and that if I do what is loved by me that everything will follow. Sometimes however it is hard to fully accept these facts when living and surrounding yourself with people who live and think for nothing but money. I do have high hopes and feelings that once I truly start travelling and doing what brings me happiness with total freedom that things WILL follow and work out for the best.


Agagin I feel like I ramble and may not keep you readers interested, which is something I don't want. Most of what I talk about comes from the inside of me trying to help myself hoping to help others as well. Not too much else to write about at this moment so I will conclude this blod with this....

Do what you want and love, be persistent at it, engulfed by it and constantly progress. Do this and failure is not an option...


Until next time....



BUT WAIT. I forgot to write about the whole point of the title for this blog post. Aside from the fact that I had received a free cookie and I find the food much better than Chipotle, after about 6 hours of sitting in the same spot, the shift supervisor come up to me and started making conversation with me. He was very nice guy and he also offered me some free chips,salsa, and a drink because I have been there all day. I really appreciated this and thought it was a fantastic business gesture. I am after all writing about how great they are and to defiantly choose them over Chipotle if available. Usually places try to rush you out after using their wi-fi for quite some time, but Qdoba was encouraging me to stay longer and offering free food in the process. This was fantastic and really appreciated. I thank the supervisor that day and Qdoba for proving me with a great food while giving me a place to comfortable do my work!


Until next time........

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