Wandering Sense of Self

Hello to all once again and happy first of October! Sitting here at Panera Bread in Westminster,Co and have to say I am impressed on how everything is here. All the areas appear very nice and people are more on the upscale side of things. I sit here pondering on what direction to head in my life, with endless of possibilities I feel that I am capable of, choosing one for me is quite the task. In today's society it is hard for people to choose on what they want to truly do due to the pressures put on us. We all have the options of doing what we love despite money, doing what we love with the ability of acquiring an income from it, or strictly stick to making money with no reguards to your happiness or overall goals. If you have the second choice then you are in great shape, however can't both of them within due time be able to supply you with an income if done to the best of your abilities? This is also the so called risk with people doing what they truly want; do you do what you love with no reguards to money or strictly chase the money despite your level of happiness. For many it may seem like a simple choice to do only what you love, but I suppose you can say I have a fear of having no money, something I have been working for and saving for quite some time. I have that fear but yet I am on the side of doing what I love and that of which makes me the happiest. Nature, hiking, the sky, moon, photography, smiling, breathing deep...All are the favorites in my life, all which I will combine and make the most of, income or not. I want to travel, smiling all along the way, capturing with my camera what my eyes see worthy of sharing to others around the world. I want to meet different people by lifes natural energies pairing me up with them beause these are the ones I believe you're meant to cross paths with. I want to show people sides of my life and life itself that many don't get the chance to see or even know exist for that matter. I am hoping to become sucessful with this either by offering others my own work or by having a job I would love come directly in my path. From this I am also hoping to show to all of you who read that doing what you love with your full heart can not fail. The is the risk I am taking for myself and for all of you to prove and change your lives for the better, hoping for happiness to fill your life completley.

It's not about the final destination as people say but the journey you took to get there. We all have the same final destiinnation here on this life, I am going to make my journey worth living for myself, while having meaning in sharing to all of you what it is I see and go through.

Until next time...

Really quick thought.....I don't mean to judge even though it always seems to others as I may be doing just that....I have watched this father with his wife and two kids at here in Panera, probably 28 years old just on his phone the whole entire time so far "2+hours" on his phone playing games and hasnt said a word yet. Yes I don't know his story or whatever the case but it just makes me think that if somebody is here like that is on their fun in that way just imagine all of the other people who are the same or worse, older and especially younger people. It is just a scary thought for myelf and the for the future of humans because what the fuck is this going to turn us all into? The true zombie apoccalypse.