Another Day, Another Moon

As beautiful as she is, I hope to bring you all a wider variety of photos in the very near future other than the moon.

I will show you this one because I liked the blueish hue the faint clouds in front of the moon left for this shot as the light reflects from the sun. Lately I have been rethinking my current camera set up and eagerly ready to upgrade to help expand my potential. I have been leaning toward the Canon 6D due to the extensive reviews I have read and how it excels in low light photography as well as producing great quality large scale prints. I am quite anxious and excited to start that new stage in my photography excursions, yet the price tag of around $2,000 for everything I would need is the only drawback. However there will be some hope to be compensated in the future for my photographic efforts. It is something that I would really love to continue and pursue for a long time due to the fact that it makes me happy, especially when getting that shot you want. I am also thinking of printing these photos on different types of mediums, something different than what is already out there due to the abundant amount of much better photographers are already doing fairly the same. Something to stand out from the normal....It'll come to me eventually.

Until next time...

OH ! I hate to do this but who knows maybe there are people willing to support my hopes and dreams. In lieu of the camera setup needed with the funds i don't have, I have created a GoFundMe. Anything would really help and be appreciated beyond belief. I don't expect much from this, if anything at all, but hey you never know :)