The Bandaged Blood Moon

Hello to all on this post-total lunar eclipse morning. I sit here in Peets Coffee to write about last nights excursions to view this apparetly but not really rare blood super harvest ninja moon. It was a night that only comes around every so often and was supposed to be "and was if you saw it" a very cool sight to. I was excited to be apart of this new and different type of energy reaching earth along with the opportunity to take some great photographs in the process for old times sake. However for the most part this was tainted by "clouds" that were covering our view of this extrodinary sight. What upsets me the most is that I know these were not clouds produced by nature but by man armed aircrafts. However this is a whole other topic and I debate myself on talking about this openly with all of you... On to my night...

I met up with a friend from facebook for the first time, fellow lover of the same music and a great soul. We went up to boulder mountain park atop a mountain on some rocks that she had been at earlier in the day. On the way up the mountain we passed several people lined along the sides of the road with their vehicles, camera's out capturing the moon at its biggest and most colorful time. There would have been better yet these clouds have blocked our vision of this majestic view. While driving up the mountain staring at this moon i knew i should have pulled over to take a picture of it before it got hidden by the clouds. Yet I did not, instead i continued on dirving anxious to reach our final destination. Later I would be kicking myself for not doing so due to not being able to view the moon at its peak of the night.

At the top there were various groupd of people, all around the same age as myself, most talking loud, on their phones and just there because it was posted all across social media. I doubt 80% of those people will ever look at or care to look at the moon on any other given night. Unless it was posted all over social media that is. While up there I had to also here the stupiest of shit. I'm not sure if it was just joking or serious, but whatever it was it made me loose a bit of faith in us. I felt as though the people there "had to be over 60 total at this single spot" who treated it more as a party and simply something to do rather than indluging in the cosmos and all of its offerings. Then again the best part was blocked by clouds, but I do have a feeling there would have just been even more people howling, barking, mooing, and meowing at the moon if it was at its fully visable point.

The time up there for myself was nice though. When the moon was finally visable it looked far and pale red in the distant sky. About an hour prior you could really see the outline of the moon behinde the clouds and gosh did it look big! I wish it was possible for myself to see it then, I was grateful to catch it when I did. The sky was clear and full of stars besides the part where the moon was covered. I also witnessed a shooting star and it appeared only 1 other person in the group of 60 who witnessed that.

After sometime we went back down the mountain due to the moon being blocked again and dropped my friend back off at her hotel. After that I found a spot to park and took some quality shots of the moon, my camera wasn't capable at the time in low light settings to catch the moon when it was dim and red... WIll be selling it soon to upgrade for much better.

That was my night of the ole bloody moon. Until next time...