September 27, 2015

Hello to all and welcome to my fairly quaint yet to be visually stimulating website! Here is where I will share to the world life inside my mind relayed through the eyes to you. This is a place where I will compile all of my greatest photos, advertising work and writings for you to see. I have always wanted to do a consistent blog however keeping up with one has always been a difficult and frustrating task. Keeping up on a blog has been difficult partly due to my indecisiveness on what to talk about as well as not knowing whether to be fully transparent in my writings or not. I have many topics and ideas to write about, I just haven't decided on the level of transparency to use. Part of me wants to be fully true and write about exactly what happens as it pans out in my life however the other side of me wants to maintain and keep a certain professional image to not be tainted by my stores. With that mindset you get caught between a rock and a hard place. I have decided though for the purpose of this website to keep everything written here pertaining to my professional life. Everything on this website will consist of my adventures, photography stories and other tid bits that will lead you to recognize and understand myself better. Currently it is in the rough and beginning stages but I asure you that soon enough this website will be packed full of material for your viewing pleasure. 


Thank you for visiting here and I hope to continuously intrigue and inspire you in all future endevours!


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