Collection of poetry written by me. Usually invoked by inner feelings. These words I write in uniformed lines, are the emotions inside of me.



He thinks too much about the day of his demise,
Sometimes he just thinks other times he cries.

Chemicals trigger feelings created in the brain,
Feelings needed to be released and never to be contained .

Thoughts and feelings that most cannot comprehend,
Yet he must share with someone before the day of his end .

One comes and then they go, another comes another goes,
This is all he really knows and inside his mind really slows .

Pondering if anyone can truly embrace ,
Who he really is inside and keep that pace .

A mind and heart needed to share with someone,
To watch the Stars around the moon and indulge in the Sun.

But don't get him wrong life a is still fun,
However he finds no true meaning if it isn't shared with one.

Because then poof, his whole being will be dead and done.


He sits and stares,
Wonder if anyone really cares...

Probably not.
Too busy shuffling around like they playing musical chairs.

We need the essentials like; air from trees, pollen from bees, we need the arctic to freeze, you better believe.

If you don't then there will come a day you're on your knees, sucking air from a single leaf...what a tease.

Have you forgot?

Earth is the only one.
Wake up or we will all be done, there is no where to run, this is not a game for fun.

No pun, but, if we don't change our way we'll all going to feel the heat, so get off your seat, be the change you want to see and lets live in harmony .

Man and Beast

There is beauty inside, much love and light,

But there is a bit of the beast that can come in to sight.

Trying to tame and drive him away,

However at times the beast likes to come out and play.

The struggle is real, especailly when you feel,

The battle inside between good and evil.

More good than bad yet hard to talk about,

Silent on the out but inside I shout.

Back and forth goes the battle with the beast inside me,

But is this a battle to be won? Do I stay? Do I flee?

Neither. Learn to coexist with the beast is the best I foresee.

Wondering is there anyone to see the man within the beast,

Rather than to shoot him down and have a feast.

The beauty is out there and we will dance,

Getting lost in the eyes, getting put in a trance.

For now one must balance between light and dark,

Until life sends the savior to create an everlasting spark.


He sits & thinks, writing down the feelings,

Looking up and seeing stardust all over the ceilings.

Feet on the ground, head in the cosmos,

Pondering about the things he knows, he types and flows.

Whilst thinking of this he hears a ping,

Reminding him that he truly, really knows nothing.

He knows that he knows that he doesn't really know,

And the only way around this is to go with the flow.

Wu Wei, Wu Wei, is what he likes to say,

Can't sit around and overthink your life away.

Don't expect anything bvut at least hope for the best,

Pray that the universe will take care of the rest.

If it doesn't work out then don't worry about how,

Forget the past and future, strive to live in the now.